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Last updated July 8, 2009

About First United American

First united american Life Insurance Company is a New York subsidiary of United American Insurance Company . Since its beginnings more than 20 years ago, First United American has maintained its financial stability, while experiencing tremendous growth. It has developed a reputation for writing quality products in the areas of individual Medicare Supplements and flexible premium annuities.

 Torchmark Corporation, based in McKinney, Texas is an S&P 500 holding company that specializes in life insurance, supplemental health insurance and financial services. The company was founded in Birmingham, Alabama where it was headquartered until 2006 and still maintains the bulk of its operations. Its core company, Liberty National, was formed in 1900, and after an acquisition it formed Torchmark as a holding company in the late 1970s.

First United AmericanHealth Insurance Says

First United American specializes in fulfilling the needs of the Senior market. They currently offer 9 of the 12 Medicare Supplement plans - A, B, C, D, F, HDF+, G, K, and L. All plans provide the principal benefits required by the federal government, but differ in the additional benefits each offers. Plans depend on individual financial situation and personal supplemental needs.

Contact First United American at:

First United American Life Insurance Company
1020 7th North Street
Liverpool, NY 13088-6192
Telephone: (315) 451-2544

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