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Non-renewal of your home insurance may occur when you file too many claims for the insurance company's comfort or you live in an area that has experienced heavy losses. Even small claims--barely above the deductible--can count against you.

Now that you've been issued a non-renewal notice, it's time to get to work.

  • First, get insurance quotes from the best home insurers. Even though your carrier slammed the door, another home insurance company might put out the welcome mat.
  • If you have trouble finding a company to offer you coverage, consult with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents work with multiple carriers, and a savvy agent will know which companies are likely to serve you best.

Still no luck?

  • As a last resort, contact the organization that runs your state's Fair Access to Insurance Requirements plan, known as a FAIR plan.

The federal government established FAIR plans more than 40 years ago to make home insurance accessible to people who have trouble qualifying on the private market. The insurance industry operates the plans, geared to owners whose properties are classified as high-risk. Coastal states have counterparts to FAIR plans to provide coverage for windstorms and hurricanes.

An insurance agent can help you apply to a FAIR plan. Bear in mind the policy may have a limit on the maximum amount of coverage you can purchase and may not provide liability protection or additional coverage for valuables, such as jewelry, fine artwork or rare coins.

Understand what the policy covers and excludes, and work closely with your agent.

For more, see FAIR plans: Home insurance for high risk properties.