Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Ratings

Massachusetts Mutual
   Effective Date: November 20, 2015

Because it’s a mutual company, eligible MassMutual customers share in the ownership of the company and receive dividends. Fifty-two percent of customers say they chose the company based on price, and 21 percent say they chose MassMutual based on its reputation.


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A++    November 20, 2015

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Reason for buying from Massachusetts Mutual
Customers of Massachusetts Mutual originally decided to purchase from the company for these reasons:
52%The insurer offered the best price.
21%The insurer's reputation.
16%The insurer was recommended by a friend.
6%Saw a commercial.
4%Was the company their parents had.
1%Other reason.
0%Had other insurance with this company.
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About Massachusetts Mutual

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., known as MassMutual, received 4.5 stars for customer service in our survey of best life insurance companies. It's overall high score earned it second place in our survey and a "People's Choice" award. Because it’s a mutual company, eligible MassMutual customers share in the ownership of the company and receive dividends because this insurer is a mutual company. Fifty-two percent of customers say they originally decided to purchase from MassMutual because it offered the best price, and 21 percent said it was due to the company’s reputation. 

MassMutual background:

Founded in 1851, MassMutual is a mutually owned financial protection, accumulation and income management company headquartered in Springfield, Mass. MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing name for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its affiliated companies and sales representatives. MassMutual and its subsidiaries have more than $360 billion in assets under management.

For its term-life insurance, MassMutual's policies provide coverage for set periods of time, whether the applicant wants to supplement existing coverage or simply purchase insurance to meet a specific need. As described on its Web site, permanent life insurance policies include:

  • Whole life insurance, guaranteeing cash value growth during the client's lifetime and death benefits
  • Universal life insurance for those who desire long-term death benefit protection with a flexible premium structure
  • Variable life insurance with choices of death benefit options
  • Survivorship life insurance, used primarily for wealth preservation, to pay a death benefit to an estate or benefactor after both clients die

Contact Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company at:

MassMutual Financial Group
1295 State St.
Springfield, MA 01111
Telephone: (800) 272-2216

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