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About National Life Insurance Company

Organized in 1848, National Life Insurance Company was one of the first mutual life insurance companies in the United States.

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National Life originated as a mutual insurance company even though that fact was not apparent from its name. However, on January 1, 1999, pursuant to a mutual insurance holding company reorganization, National Life converted from a mutual to a stock life insurance company. All of National Life’s outstanding shares are now owned by its parent, NLV Financial Corporation, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent holding company, National Life Holding Company.The holding company and its subsidiaries are collectively known as the National Life Group and its headquarters are in Montpelier, Vermont.

National Life Insurance Says

National Life provides numerous types of life insurance, each designed to help meet specific personal and business needs and objectives.  Among these are whole life, term life and universal life.  Whole life is intended to provide lifelong protection.  In such a policy, as long as the owner of the policy continues to pay the premiums, the insuring company will pay the death benefit.  Each policy is priced for an individual to keep over a long period of time and set according to insured’s age at time of purchase.

In term life policies, coverage is for a contracted period of time, usually a set number of years or to a specfic age of the insured.  The death benefits are paid to survivors if the policyholder dies while the contract is in force.   

Universal life, a form of cash value insurance, allows buyers to vary premium payments and pay premiums at any time, in virtually any amounts.  This flexibility to decide the size and frequency of payments is viable, as long as the total amount of premiums paid over a period of time is enough to keep the policy in force.

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National Life Insurance Company
1 National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT 05604-0001 
Telephone: (802) 229-3333

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