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About Old Mutual

Old Mutual is a leading international long-term savings Group. They serve the growing savings and investment demands of local customers, companies and their advisors. They are a FTSE100 listed company operating in 38 countries. 

Wiki Says

The company was founded by John Fairbairn as a mutual insurance company in 1845 under the name of The Mutual Life Assurance Society. Old Mutual is an international insurance company and investment management company. Originally based in South Africa and focused on the South African market, it is now London based. Old Mutual is the largest financial company listed on the JSE Securities Exchange by market capitalisation.

Old Mutual Life Insurance Says

Old Mutual offers three different types of life insurance. These are whole life, universal life and indexed universal life. Whole life insurance offers a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash values, with a cash account  that has tax-deffered growth and additional interest after a specific period of time. Universal life insurance is more flexible. The insured can choose the amount of insurance and the premium to be paid with a range of potential premiums. Their premiums go to a cash value account where the money earns tax-deferred interest. Indexed universal life insurance is a traditional universal life insurance policy with an indexed feature. The cash value goes to an indexed account measured with an outside index like the S&P500, instead of a fixed account with traditional fixed interest rates. The maximum interest crediting rate is limited by a growth cap. As a universal life insurance product, it also offers death benefits, flexible premiums, and tax-deferred accumulation of cash value. Indexed universal life products offer interest-crediting rates linked to a stock market index, with the safety of a minimum guaranteed interest rate.

Financial Stability

When it comes to buying insurance, nothing is more important than a company’s financial stability ratings. A.M. Best, an independent assessor of an insurance company’s ability to pay claims, rates Old Mutual Financial’s financial strength “Excellent.”

Contact Old Mutual Financial at:
1001 Fleet St # 67
Baltimore, MD 21202-4346 Telephone: (410) 895-0100

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