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Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Ratings

Customer Satisfaction Ratings (based on 100 survey results)
life-icon Life
info iconOverall
85.44 out of 100
Productinfo icon
Customer ServiceValue for PriceWebsite and Apps% Who Would Recommend to a Friendinfo-icon

A.M. Best's Financial Strength Rating is an independent opinion of an insurer's financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations.

A.M. Best's rating is NOT used to calculate the overall score but it is important information to consider when choosing an insurance company.

AM Best Financial Strength Ratings

October 31, 2019

life-icon Life 85.44 out of 100 Customer Service 84.80 Value for
Website and Apps 84.10 % Who Would Recommend to a Friend 73% A+
info icon
AM Best Financial Strength RatingsOctober 31, 2019
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Reasons for Buying from Mutual of Omaha

Customers of Mutual of Omaha originally decided to purchase from the company for these reasons:
Offered best price21%
Recommended by friend or family member15%
Saw TV commercial13%
I had other insurance with this company6%
Was the company my parents had6%
Saw online ad5%
The company website and mobile apps are easy to use and helpful4%
Financial Strength rating1%

How likely are you to recommend this company to a friend, coworker or family member?

I would definitely recommend this company. 40%
I probably would recommend this company. 33%
Neutral 25%
I probably would not recommend this company. 2%
I would not recommend this company. 0%

What kind of insurance do you have?

Permanent, including whole life 57%
Term 22%
Both 19%
Other 2%

How much do you pay annually for your life insurance policy

$250 - $499
Less than $250
$1,000 - $1,249
$1,250 - $1,499
$1,500 - $1,749
$2,000 - $2,249
$2,250 - $2,499
$3,250 - $3,499
$4,000 or more

Website and Apps

How easy to use and how helpful they are
Satisfied - Fulfills my needs okay
Completely satisfied - Gives me what I want and more
Never visited or used website or mobile app
Neutral - No good or bad feelings on this
Not Satisfied - Is not a good website or app
Very unsatisfied - Their digital offerings are not good at all or nonexistent

How You Prefer to Deal with Insurers

In person
Interactive website
Mobile App
User Review
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About Mutual of Omaha

Life Insurance Policies Offered:

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Universal life
  • Accidental death
  • Long-Term Care insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance

Best Life Insurance Companies: Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance

Mutual of Omaha did fairly well in the Best Life Insurance Company survey, coming in eighth in the rankings with a final score of 85.6 overall. Mutual of Omaha earned the sixth spot for price and 3.5 stars for its website and app store ease of use. Seventy-three percent said they’d recommend the life insurance company in the survey.

Gauging an insurance company

Before buying with a company it is wise to check on a company's financial strength and complaint record. The A.M. Best rating listed above gives you an idea of Mutual of Omaha’s financial strength to pay claims. A complaint index can be found on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) site. The median complaint index from the NAIC is always 1.00. This means that a company with a complaint index of 2.00 is twice as high as expected in the market. Mutual of Omaha’s company share of complaints in the U.S. market in the category of group life is .39% (.0039) and the company’s overall complaint index is 0% in 2018 (which is the latest numbers that are available).

Company Background

The name that became synonymous with “Wild Kingdom”

With a rich history that includes creating the TV show “Wild Kingdom” and sponsoring a U.S. swim team and professional golf, the origins of Mutual of Omaha are traced back to 1909, when the company was incorporated as Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association in Omaha, NE. The company was licensed to offer insurance in 15 states by 1920, when premiums hit more than $1 million. United Benefit Life Insurance Company, incorporated in 1926, provides life insurance, pension and annuity products for groups and individuals. By 1939, Mutual of Omaha had become licensed in all 48 states and two territories.

The 1950s were a significant decade for the company. Mutual of Omaha’s income triples during the decade. It also acquired TeleTrip Company in 1955. The addition provided 24-hour, accident protection to global travelers. That year, the company also became the first health and accident company to gain an IBM electronic data processing system.

Mutual of Omaha also became an administrator for the new Medicare Parts A & B in 1966.

United Benefit Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha and changed its name to United of Omaha Life Insurance Company in 1981. Mutual of Omaha offers term life insurance and permanent life insurance coverage as well as a variety of other products. Mutual of Omaha has more than 11 million members and 39,000 employer groups.

Contact information

Corporate Headquarters

3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza,

Omaha, NE 68175

Life insurance customer service: 877-202-2676