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Last updated July 17, 2009

About Ameritas Insurance

In 1887, Ameritas was founded as Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company. Within the first 50 years of operation, Bankers Life grew from a small company (serving a limited geographical area in the Midwest) to one of the 100 largest insurance companies, operating nationwide. In 1988, the company became Ameritas to reflect its broadening product line and expanding national scope. Today, Ameritas offers variable insurance products, security and investment products, dental insurance, life insurance and annuity products.

Wiki Says

As a mutual holding company, UNIFI Mutual Holding Company, commonly referred to as UNIFI Companies is the parent company, which owns Ameritas Holding Company. Ameritas Holding Company, in turn, owns ameritas life insurance company, Acacia Life Insurance Company and the Union central life insurance Company.

Ameritas Life Insurance Says

Ameritas offers universal and variable universal life insurance plans.  Universal life insurance pays death benefits to the named beneficiary after the insured's death.  These policies provide flexibility in premium amount and benefits as well as market rates of interest on cash value accounts and tax deferred accumulation.

Variable universal life is similar to universal life insurance plans -- except  variable allows the policyholder to have greater control of the cash value account. People can directly invest the cash accumulation in a variety of investments such as money market, stock and bond funds.

Contact Ameritas at:

Group Administration
Ameritas Group
PO Box 81889
Lincoln, NE 68501
Telephone: (800) 776-9446

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