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About Fidelity Life

Fidelity Life Association was established over a century ago as a fraternal benefit society in the state of Illinois, designed to provide financial security for the growing middle class of the Midwest and Northern states. Today, Fidelity Life continues the tradition of serving the needs of Americans through innovative products, consumer-friendly service and a staff of some of the most talented, dedicated and creative people in the industry. With a consumer-centric reputation built on innovation, Fidelity is dedicated to providing a customer experience unique in the industry today. Besides life insurance, Fidelity Life has combined technology with underwriting innovation to create a unique, web-based underwriting process that speeds up the time needed to approve the insured for a policy. By utilizing the Internet and the active involvement of their underwriters, Fidelity virtually eliminates embarrassing exams, invasive tests and tedious delays so the insured obtain coverage from Fidelity Life in days, not months.

Wiki Says

Fidelity Investments is an investment company. It consists of two independent but closely cooperating companies — Fidelity Management and Research LLC (FMR LLC) which was founded in 1946 and serves North America, and Fidelity International Limited (FIL) which spun off in 1969 and serves the rest of the world. Fidelity Investments provides a large family of mutual funds, distributors and investment advisors, as well as providing discount brokerage services, retirement services, wealth management, securities execution and clearance, life insurance and a number of other services.

Fidelity Life Insurance Says

Fidelity offers five different types of life insurance. These are hybrid life, rapid decision term life, rapid decision mortgage term life, graded death benefit term and whole life, and accidental death benefit. Hybrid life insurance is competitively priced high face-amount coverage available with a convenient 24 to 48 hour approval process. The initial coverage is a blend of all cause and accidental death life insurance. With medical underwriting following policy issuance, the insured may enhance this blend by increasing their all cause coverage component and eliminating or reducing their accident only limitation. Rapid decision term life insurance is fast, hassle-free level death benefit term life insurance product to age 95. With Rapid Decision Term product and state-of-the-art Rapid App application, the approval and delivery process has been streamlined to allow the insured to obtain coverage from Fidelity Life in days, not months. Contact Fidelity Life at: Fidelity Life Association P.O. Box 9269 Oak Brook, IL 60522-9269 Telephone: (800) 369-3990 Sources: “About Fidelity Life,” Fidelity web site, 2008; “Individual Life Insurance Products,” Fidelity web site, 2008; “Contact Us,” Fidelity web site, 2008; “Fidelity Investments ,” Wikipedia, May 2009; “Fidelity Lf Assn A Legal Reserve Life Co,” A.M. Best web site, May 2008
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