I wouldn’t recommend cursing out a law enforcement officer, simply because it’s rather rude and is certainly not going to get you out of receiving a traffic citation. But it’s not going to result in a profanity ticket. 

Your first amendment right of free speech trumps any decades-old law that your state may have banning swear words in public (as a variety of courts have decided throughout the years).  Just don’t incite violence with your cursing, or you can be cited for disorderly conduct.

Even if your vulgar language could get you a ticket, your car insurance company wouldn’t care, since swearing isn’t a moving violation. 

Your bigger problem is the traffic offense you were stopped for – such as speeding or running a red light. If you do get a ticket for something like that,, you could get slapped with a surcharge at your next policy renewal.

Find out what else you can’t get a ticket for.

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