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About Modern Woodmen of America

Founded in 1883 by Joseph Cullen Root, modern woodmen of america is now the third largest fraternal benefits society, with more than 760,000 members. Root’s goal was to create an organization that would protect a family in the event that its breadwinner died. The term “woodmen” was inspired by an old parable about the good that came from the woodmen clearing the forests to build homes, communities and security for their family. “Modern” was meant to reflect the need to stay current and change with the times. The ending “of America” was added to symbolize the patriotism of the organization. Today, Modern Woodmen is continuing to emphasize security and keeping up-to-date, just as the name intended. Its main product lines are life insurance, annuity and investment products designed for the family market.

Wiki Says

Modern Woodmen’s organization closely resembles a lodge system. Called camps, these local organizations offer fellowship and community service opportunities for members. Modern Woodmen members are part of more than 2,300 camps nationwide and more than 700 youth clubs.

Modern Woodmen members across the country participate in Join Hands Day and Make a Difference Day, which are national days of service; camps and youth clubs also participate in recurring volunteer and social projects throughout the year. The organization’s Matching Fund Program matches money raised by individual camps for community members or organizations in need.

Modern Woodmen’s fraternal expenditures for member benefits and programs totaled more than $22 million in 2006. These programs include disaster relief, college scholarships, tree planting, volunteer programs and educational programs.

Modern Woodmen of America Health Insurance Says

Modern Woodmen of America health insurance includes a variety of coverage options. These options include:

  • Basic health insurance – provides partial coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization and other medical care for individuals and small groups
  • Disability income insurance – provides regular income to insured members who become disabled due to an injury or illness and are no longer able to work
  • Cancer insurance – covers non-medical costs and supplements other health coverage when policyholder is diagnosed with cancer or another specified disease
  • Long-term care insurance – eases financial burden for required professional care for normal, daily living
  • Medicare supplement insurance – pays for expenses not fully covered by Medicare
  • Medicare advantage plans
  • Dental insurance

Contact Modern Woodmen of America:

Modern Woodmen of America
1701 1st Avenue
Rock Island, IL 61201
Telephone: (800) 447-9811

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