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About ULLICO Inc.

Founded in 1925 with initial funding from the American Federation of Labor, the union labor life insurance company provided the health care and insurance benefits they could not get elsewhere. They are the nation’s only fully-unionized provider of multi-line insurance, financial services and administrative products. ULLICO has expanded its operations to include financial services and asset management, in addition to insured pharmacy benefits, benefit program management, and data warehousing.

Wiki Says

The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO) is a privately held life and health insurance company. ULLICO is a joint stock company, but privately held. The company’s constitution and bylaws pe rmit shares to be held only by trade unions, union officials, union members and union benefit funds. The stock’s value changes only once a year, when company directors set a new share price on the advice of auditors.

ULLICO Health Insurance Says

ULLICO’s health insurance package, which includes traditional indemnity coverage, preferred provider organization networks and care management, offers working Americans security against the uncertainty of paying huge sums for doctor, hospital, and ancillary expenses. Other benefits include hospitalization, surgery, medical, prescription drugs, dental, vision and mental health benefits. Contact ULLICO at: ULLICO Inc. 1625 Eye Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006 Telephone: (202) 682-0900 Sources: “The Union Labor Life Insurance Company Health Insurance,” ULLICO website, 2009; “Benefit Administrators,” ULLICO website, 2009; “ULLICO,” Wikipedia, June 1, 2009.