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About American Modern

American Modern’s history dates back to 1938 when its parent company, Midland Company, began as a consumer finance company.  In the 1960s, Midland Company expanded into the insurance industry. For a number of years, it was a major builder of manufactured homes as well as leading insurer for home insurance.  Today, American Modern is a specialty insurer for markets including manufactured housing, classic cars and long-haul truck coverage.

American Modern Car Insurance Says

American Modern’s collector car program protects muscle cars and antiques, classic cars and newer exotics, street rods and customs as well as numerous other novelty car types. Its car insurance plan provides coverage for losses incurred as a result of an accident or against liability after such accident. American Modern offers much broader coverage than most other car insurance agencies because of the type of cars it aims to protect.

Contact American Modern at:

American Modern Insurance Group
PO Box 5323
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-5323     
Telephone: (513) 943-7200

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