Last updated July 15, 2009

About Fred Loya Insurance

Fred Loya Insurance has been a leading provider of non-standard auto insurance in Texas since 1974. Company policy requires its agents to settle physical damage within 24 hours. It also provides legal defense over and above policy limits when necessary.

Fred Loya Insurance has over one hundred offices across Texas to provide its policy holders with service wherever they may travel and toll free numbers for service outside the state.

Fred Loya Insurance Says

Non-standard auto insurance is a term to classify insurance sold to those those drivers whose underwriting experience makes it difficult or impossible to obtain insurance at standard or preferred rates. A motorist is considered a high-risk driver when they have a serious violation on their driving record, such as a DUI. It also may be difficult for a driver to find standard auto insurance if they have been recently involved in a serious accident, filed a number of claims, or a number of accidents or motor vehicle violations in their recent past.

The nonstandard market can be more of a portion of the insurance market for drivers who have a worse than average driving record or drive specialized cars such as high-powered sports cars or custom built cars. Most drivers who did not meet a major insurance company’s standard or preferred risk underwriting criteria will end up using a non-standard insurer to obtain the auto insurance coverages that they need. Also, some drivers with little experience or high value vehicles may find the best rates from a non-standard focused insurance company.

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