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About Plymouth Rock Assurance

Founded in 1982, Plymouth Rock Assurance has been providing car insurance throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut for nearly 25 years.  Through a network of more than 300 independent agents, the company was the first ever to offer a door-to-door program.  The Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, in which Plymouth Rock Assurance is a subsidiary, manages more than $1 billion in commercial and personal car and homeowner’s insurances across New England. The core principles behind the developing company are: service, integrity, stability, innovation and commitment.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Says

When choosing car insurance, Plymouth Rock offers a selection of coverage options to best fit each individual policyholder. These coverage choices include bodily injury, property damage liability and collision & comprehensive coverage.  Plymouth Rock’s premium payments for car insurance are dependent on many factors including the make, model and year of the car as well as the insured’s driving history. To make its premiums more affordable, Plymouth Rock also offers a variety of discounts including multi-car and good student discounts.

Contact Plymouth Rock at:

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation
695 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: (617) 720-1620

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