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Last updated June 29, 2009

About SafeAuto

SafeAuto Insurance Company offers quality, low cost, state required minimum limit car insurance at a price that is affordable. But what makes SafeAuto’s approach to car insurance unique? It’s a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company. That means it don’t rely on a middleman to sell SafeAuto coverage. Instead, it appeals directly to the customer through advertising.

Wiki Says

SafeAuto is known for offering “state minimum” required liability insurance. This coverage is attractive to those who seek to carry only what is legally required, which often carries a lower price than higher limit insurance. SafeAuto offers many coverages for vehicles ranging from just “bare minimum” liability to comprehensive and collision. Safe Auto also extends coverage, in some states, to drivers needing SR-22’s, SS-22A’s,or SR-50’s, or Financial Responsibility Proof for those drivers who need to be reinstated.

SafeAuto Says

SafeAuto offers car insurance designed to help cover potential auto-related damages, losses or injuries. It helps protect the driver, passengers, fellow drivers, pedestrians and other people’s property. It can also help protect the insured in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit.

Contact SafeAuto at:
SafeAuto Insurance Company
4 Easton Oval
Columbus, Ohio 43219  Telephone: (800) 723-3288

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