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Last updated July 16, 2009

About Safeway Insurance Group

Founded in 1959, Safeway Insurance Group is the nation’s largest privately-held, family-owned auto insurance group. It’s staffed by more than 450 insurance professionals and serves over 250,000 policyholders.

Wiki Says

Safeway Insurance Group is a privately held insurance company that specializes in automobile insurance. Safeway was founded by William J. Parrillo and is currently headquartered in Westmont, Illinois. In addition to its headquarters, Safeway maintains field offices in each of the states it conducts business in.

Safeway currently conducts business in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida (Safeway Property only), Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.

Safeway Car Insurance Says

Safeway Insurance Company’s car insurance is designed to cover potential car-related damages, loss or injuries. It helps protect the driver, passengers, fellow drivers, pedestrians, and other people’s property. It also helps protect the driver in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit.

Contact Safeway Insurance Group at:

Safeway Insurance
790 Pasquinelli Dr.
Westmont, IL 60559-5585
Telephone:  (630) 887-8300

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