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Last updated June 22, 2009

About Physicians Mutual Group

Originating in 1902, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company developed under Edwin E. Elliott.  Dreaming of providing health insurance to medical professionals, Elliott and his family worked day in and day out to launch the company.  Today, the company offers numerous health and life insurance products that include hospital and medical polices, Medicare supplements, cancers insurance, long-term care coverage and life insurance. With the values of strength, integrity and reliability, Physicians Mutual works under the promise, “we’re here when you need us.”

Physicians Mutual Group Says

Hoping to help secure your family’s financial future, Physicians Mutual offers a variety of life insurance options including term-life, whole life and juvenile whole life.  Term-life is a type of insurance that provides coverage for a set number of years.  If the policyholder dies within that set time span, the insuring company will pay the death benefits to the surviving family.  However, if no death occurs, the policy expires and must be renewed for coverage to continue. 

Whole life insurance offers lifelong protection and family financial security. Usually, there is a set premium payment that must be paid annually in order for the policy to remain in force. Purchase of such policies can come any time and at any age. 

With juvenile whole life, you can provide your children and/or grandchildren with protection throughout their entire life. It’s a means to ensure that life insurance will be reasonably priced and nonviable to your children/grandchildren when they are adults, no matter their future health or occupation.

Contact Physicians Mutual:
Physicians Mutual
P.O. Box 3313
Omaha, NE 68103-0313         Telephone: (800) 228-9100

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